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Mural Selfie Tour - The Waco Trolley

Mural Selfie Tour


Get Beautiful Pictures

The Waco Trolley is the most Instagrammable way to explore the beautiful city of Waco.

Enjoy Local Art

Waco has worked to cultivate public art by commissioning local artists to paint beautiful murals to beautify the city.

Enjoy the Ride

We've developed a route to include all the best spots and we'll take you to each one so you can relax.

A quick stroll down the beautiful city streets of Waco, Texas, will showcase the art influence of this small town. Waco has a wide variety of elegant murals and paintings, and some of the best ones may not be on the route of your visit. The Waco Trolley has introduced a Waco Mural Selfie Tour to showcase Waco's must-see-murals and downtown art installments. Our trolley allows up to 28 people to ride along and can be rented out for a private tour (a great team-building event for companies).

About The Tour

The Waco Mural Selfie Tour is a 90-minute tour of Downtown Waco's best murals and street art created by local artists. By working with local artists, Waco has cultivated beautiful public art that has helped to bring color and excitement to Downtown Waco. This tour is designed to take you to all of the best spots, so you don't have to spend time planning and mapping out your route. This tour is perfect for seeing the creativeness and artistic abilities of some of Waco's best artists while exploring many of the most popular downtown streets.

The Most Instagrammable Way To Explore Waco

Social Media is everything these days. You didn't visit Waco if you didn't post it, right? The Waco Mural Selfie Tour is full of the most Instagrammable spots in Waco. The beautiful art that local artists have created provides a must-have backdrop to get the perfect picture. The art installments and murals are constantly changing, and new ones are often made, so this tour is great for first-timers and returning visitors. 


Book This Tour

Get those phones charged, filters picked out, and get ready to capture some of the best selfies.

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